Products and production

Aluminum casting, machining and surface finishing

Novacast offers a full service ranging from the initial and gravity and pressure die casting processes to finishing and assembly.

Our flexibility and expertise enable us to open up new horizons for our clients, both technically and economically.
Our finishing processes include abrasive blasting, grinding and polishing, powder treatments and traditional paint coating.

We also provide a state-of-the-art automation service.

Ready-to-assemble aluminum components

Aluminum is a unique material with nearly limitless possibilities when it comes to product development.

Our aim is to supply our clients with products that possess the desired qualities in terms of design, function and cost.

With innovative aluminum solutions, Novacast helps its customers to improve and develop their business.


NovaOne HPD

We use simulation program, which assures us the production processes are functional and that makes the test phase faster.

It is also good for the environment as we no longer have to make the test casts.

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